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Since March 2024, The Republic has published three investigative reports and conducted a series of Fact Checks on various burning issues. Two investigative reports were on the sale of livestock and aircraft owned by the former president Yahya Jammeh. The assets were forfeited to the state, following an inquiry into the financial dealings of Jammeh in 2019. 

In early May 2024, the platform published an investigative report into the contract that was awarded to five Gambian media platforms and two content creators to “popularise” the government agenda. All these reports are available at

Unlike regular news reporting, investigative journalism entails a significant amount of time in research and investigation, which is expensive and time-consuming. Producing these reports requires paid staff and funds to cover essential operating expenses. We currently have four (4) freelance reporters. 

As former American president Benjamin Franklin said, ‘it is a republic, if we can keep it’. Nowadays, there is increasing sophistication not only in the scale of corruption and injustices but also the steps taken to hide the truth and advance misinformation. Therefore, efforts to uncover the real truth, in which investigative journalism plays a critical role, becomes even more paramount. 

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Sources of funding

We accept donations from individuals, charity organizations, NGOs and CSOs. We do not accept funding from the Gambia government or its agencies, political parties and private businesses executing public contracts.